Throughout my practice I seek to interrogate the truthful nature of information and visual images.


Employing found, appropriated and captured images from both online and physical sources, I construct installations which are intended to be representational of the way in which information is found, stored and constructed into ideas and opinions.


The intended dialogue between the painted elements and pictures creates further questioning for the viewer, an oscillation of truthfulness and falsehood is projected in black and white oil forming ‘grey’ painting which remain tense and unresolved.


A regular line of questioning throughout my practice is how do we deal with such large amounts of visual images in a short space of time?  and what is our visceral response to living in the age of information?


A natural response to the question is to allow naivety and confusion enter the work.

Each piece is formed from fugitive images which through the new visual language created, develops its own meaning within the viewer.



Born: 1995, UK




Foundation Art & Design - Coventry University

Fine Art Bachelors – Coventry University (Graduated 2018)


Exhibition Group


Visual – Roots Gallery, 2014

Emerge (first year exhibition) – Coventry University, 2015

No Ball Games – Earlsdon Festival, 2016

Bourne – Stryx Gallery, 2016

Matter – Urban, 2016

Open Projection – The Box, 2017

Prelude – CET Building, 2018

EXIT. (Degree Show) – Coventry University, 2018

Next Wave 2018 - RBSA

Explode - We Are Luminous - 2018 Lower Holy Head Basement

Coventry First Thursday 2018 - Classroom Gallery

Byob NYE 2018 - Coventry Cathedral


Curatorial and Director


Matter – Urban, Coventry, 2016

Weeds and Dust – Glass Box Gallery, 2016

Open Projection / BYOB – The Box, 2017

Coventry University Drawing Prize – CET Building, 2018


@lewisjspencer - Instagram